Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Dear God,

Perhaps this is not suitable, not appropriate.

I should send this, ask this of my lord, pray this during the night hours, during the time which everyone is sleeping, the time when the chosen, the selected few, the loved ones, those whom He loves and loves Him back, can and will only be able to wake up and ask for forgiveness, seeking repentance, waiting for answers, praying and wishing and hoping and asking, that Allah will make it all better.

A dream that makes you sleep better at night, the soothing voice lullabying you into a slumber that makes you don't want to wake up, the hand that holds you, giving you a sense of security and safeness, the feeling you get of being cherished and loved and heard.

Those are the advantages that only the few get, only the strong will endure, only the mukminin will be granted of.

The people who wakes up at night, longing to see their master, leaving the recluse of rest depraving yourself of sleep, leaving the comfortness of your own bed, all because you get to meet your lord, One who is all hearing, all knowing, all forgiving.

Those who are granted the opportunity to do so, to wake up, are those of the winners, those who are granted the feeling of missing, longing, wanting, yearning, ever so wishing, are those of the winners, those who are granted the strength, the energy, the time, the chance to get up and qiamullail, are those of the winners.

Because He loves them and vice versa.

Oh how i want to be of those people, to be able to relieve myself of this worldy hunger, to be able to free myself of this worldy illusion that shackles me from my true destination, the hereafter, to be able to control myself from needless lust and gluttony, to be able to enter Jannah and to meet and greet my lord, to be able to look in the face of my one and only master and creator.

O lord whose hearts are in your control. Please make our hearts firm upon your deen, please do not sway our hearts, do not lead us astray, keep allowing us to be under you hidayah.