Monday, 31 December 2007

New year's eve.

So now that my report about Japan is finally finished, i can write my blog and critisize about people and their way of life and talk about how my life is bitter and unfortunate than any other person on this planet. ahahaha

So today is new years eve and i'm sure i can't go out tonight to watch the fireworks but that's okat i guess. I'd prefer staying home and lie down on my bed in my fortress of solitude and recap my experiences in this year. I've been through a lot and i guess that's not enough. I'm going to go through more tough challenges ahead but that won't keep me down. If i fall i'll just stand back up with a little help from my friends. This year i've changed to another school, made new friends, learned new subjects, made children, oops scratch that last part out. :P Well all in all it was a very interesting year. And i'm getting used to it now. I'm just releasing some tension here people, because my mind won't shut up about it. :P So i'll just write my new year's resolution eventhough i never done it before and eventhough i'll not try to fulfill my new year's resolution but what the heck.

2008, New year's resolution.

  1. Get a girlfriend
  2. Get straight A's in every test, exams, pop quizzes, *that's just impossible :P
  3. Be more optimistic
  4. Forget about the past and think about the future
  5. Go catch a movie once a month?
  6. Rollerblading around the neighbourhood every week
  7. Go jogging on weekends
  8. Clean my room
  9. And lastly, try to keep my new year's resolution.

Now that's done with it. Happy new years everybody and here's to a brand new and exciting year ahead. :)

Friday, 14 December 2007


Today's main event is the farewell party held by the Hyogo Prefectural Board Of Education. The party started at 6 but we came early because we wanted to reahearse for the performance that we are going to do. urrgh. We came at the Ono Ekura Hall at 430 to get ready.

The boys, here in the studio/room that we used to practise the erformance. Of course iwas in charge of the music. Dj, ehehe :P.
Farena and me.
Nabilla and me.

After getting ready and wearing the baju melayu i went to the reception and mingled. eeheh.

Nabilla, Din, Pua and yours truly.
Me and my family. :)
Oh Shige, tanoshiiii.
ahaha the twins, Takayuki and Sam :D

Then after training and remembering the steps, *of course i needn't, i just had to work on the music :P, it was finally time to go to the farewell party. When we went to the ballroom or whatever it is called everybody was there. The principle, vice-principles, education officers and our host families. So each of us sat with out families and talked about anything. In the middle there were tables and on them were loads of foods and drinks. mmmmmm.


Then the people from the board of education gave their speechees and two representatives from Malaysia made their speeches too. After that the families and students involved in the homestay programme were introduced to the audience.

these are the principals.
these are the vice principals.
and this is when they were introducing me and my host family.

and this is the students who went to malaysia on august.

Then after that the eating began, so while we ate, we talked and took pictures. During the last minutes of the party, the japanese students from Miki SHS made a martial arts performance and so did the Malaysian students.

Me and my family.

Me and my family and Narmatha and hers.
Natcha. :P
Tomohiro. :)

Shige, tanoshii. :D

Rika, X)

Sam, :D

Saya-chan,me, and Natsuki-chan.eheh
Ykui's friend, me and Yuki.
Partaay. :P

Saya punya keluarga. :))

Oh Yuki and her friends are going to perform some osrt of martial arts.

The Malaysian student's performance. :P
Group photo.

So after all that was said and one, we had to depart with our families and friends. We are going to stay overnight in a hotel somewhere near the Kansai International Airport. We said our "see you later", not goodbyes. :P And Rika joined us on the way to the hotel, her parents were going to take her home there. She boarded the bus with us.

Rika. XD
Rika and Din, cute together.
In the hotel.
yeah so we stayed overnight and the next day we went to the airport and met up with Shige, Akane and Nani's host. WE hugged and shook hands and parted our ways. I've had so much fun during this programme and made so many new friends. I will miss them and i hope one day we will see each other for one more time.
Here's to the future and to the past. But do not dwell on both of them because the present is where we belong.
till we meet again. Mataimasho. :)

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Friday/15th november

Today the Malaysian delegates and I will be going on a trip to the city of Kobe. So in the morning we all regrouped at Miki Senior High School. As Miki SHS was my school, me , Pua and Narmatha arrived early, so while we were waiting for the others to arrive the principle who is called Kocho-sensei which means principle i think, brought us to the new renovated building of the school. He showed us around and lastly he took us up to the roof. :P it was a beautiful secenery.

This is the view from the rooftop.
This is the rooftop of the school building.

This is the Kocho-sensei Yoshige-sensei.

This is me, Narmatha and Pua. My compadre's when i was in Miki.
So we went to Kobe after all of the students had came. So the reason for us to go to Kobe was to go shopping as well as visit the mosque there. So when we arrived we toured around the city and went into loads oh shops buying and bargaining. ahahha :P And i took pictures at several tourist spots.

Then after that Me , Din and Pua snooped around and went to this Shrine up up on the hill. But it was no ordinary shrine, oh no it wasn't. There was a secret passageway to the top of the hill that anyone rarely takes, so being the troublemakers we are me, Din and Pua went up and finally got to the top of the hill. It was amazing i tell you. Magnificent. :)
This is the gate to the shrine up the hill where there is a secret passagway. :P
Looooong way up eh.
This is the shrine up the hill and here in this level is where me and Sin and Pua found a secret passageway.
this is the first level.

the second level.
At the secret top level, :P it was very high and scary but a thrill at one point.

On the way down i took pictures of the shrine's gates.

After we shopped till we drop, ehhehe, by then it wa already noon and it was nearly time for the "sembahyang Jumaat" so the teacher from one of the schools that followed us on our trip guided us to the Mosque. i only took one picture so here it is. Oh on the way to the mosque we had many discoveries. :P

Me and Aisyah, ehee :P

I found this graffiti like painting on the walls of a building so i just had to take some pictures.

So finally we made it to the mosque with seconds to spare. Masjidil-jepun. :P

After praying the weekly prayer, we headed to a shopping mall well on the harbour. well it's not exactly a shopping building but i guess you could say it's a mall because with all the shops alligned on the deck beside the sea. :)

Me in the gazebo in the shopping mall.

Merry christmas. eehehe

Oh apparentlt there was a theme park just beside the mall, i so wanted to go into the theme park but it looked like it wasn't open as there was no on not even a staff member to be seen. grr

Oh this me and the Kobe tower, remember the picture of the Kobe tower that was taken on the first day, this is it. The shopping mall was just near the area.

During this stay in Japan i was most close with Din and because of that i stood beside Din today. We went to numerous shops together along with Pua and the three of us had fun. :P

This was taken in one of the stores.

This is in the toilet when we went to get our "wudhuk".

And this is when it was time to go and i just found a mirror so it was obvious i was going to take out my camera and snap.

This was taken before we boarded the bus just bfore heading back to each of the respective schools.

Did id forgot to mention that this morning the principle of Miki SHS told us that there will be a farewell party after our trip to Kobe, so when me, Pua and Narmatha arrived in school we were told to wait in the cafeteria as the party will be held there and that we were to get ready because we were asked by the principle to do our presentation we did yesterday. Apparently because during yesterday's presentation he wasn't there. I mean come on i saw the video camera just watch the tape la, ahahahha, I'm fed up with presentations and speeches anymore. grrr. :P
So during the presentation we ate and stuffed our stomachs like always but unfortunately on the way to Miki SHS i already ate loadsa kinds of food on the bus so when i was in the cafeteria i was like uuurgh. I had a stomachache and i constantly visited the toilet. ahah but i managed to take pictures and all.

Mmmmmm, yummy ain't it. :P tood bad i had a stomachache.grrr

Me, next to me is Yoko and Michael-sensei and the rest of class 1-1.
From left: May, Natsuki, Saya, Me, Syougo(my host), and Sam, ahah that's just his nickname. the class of 2-3 with exception of Narmatha of course. :P

The girls of 2-3
Natsumi and i, this is Narmatha's host.
Takayuki and i, Pua's host. bestfriends eh? ahahha

oh oh my favourite IC teacher, ahaha, Grace-sensei. She gave me PP points. :P

This was when we were on our way home. From left: Mayi, Hiro's friend, Hiro, me, Natsuki, and Saya.

candid by Pua, jahatpunyer Pua.