Tuesday, 27 November 2007


Tuesday, 5 in the morning, the clock woke me up and i quickly got out of bed and stood straight staring blankly into space. I'm sure everyone does this all the time in the morning so it's no embarassment to me. ;P Well let me tell you the reason i had to wake up at 5 am . I had to do my ibadah prayer, subuh to be exact. So i tried as hard as possible to be quiet as a mouse and went to the bathroom to take my "wudhuk". After i prayed i straight away went back to sleep and snored for a few moment. Later my host student woke me up and invited me to breakfast. Note that their dining table is a lot different from the usual dining table. The table is short and underneath it is an underground compartment where you can put your feet in and underneath it there is a heater. It is very high tech in a traditional kind of way. "Ocasan" served salad, egg, and peach. The only one that wasn't present was the father, i guessed he'd already went to work. They're such workaholics. urrgh. The custom in my foster house is that you can shower or take a bathe after you've had your meal, so i was going wih the flow. I had a nice shower, a quick one and then i got ready to go to school. The mother dropped me and Syogo off at somewhere near the school and then we met Izudin and his host, apparently my host and Din's host are really good friends.After that we walked to school. In school i had to wait in the reception room with Pua and Narmatha for the principle. When he came he took us into his car and we toured for a while around Miki city and then he brought us to meet the mayor of Miki. We all talked and we even made it in the newspaper. I have the copy, ;P. Then the principal took us to a carpenter studio where we made our own frames and put our own pictures.
And then we filled our stomachs at a japanese restaurant.

Oh one more thing, our friends from Mikikita joined us as well. ;P
After eating the delicous japanese delicacy we went back to school and watched the recitation contest in the LL room, no i do not know what does the LL stands for. It was fun seeing junior school students recite texts from their textbooks. And during the intermissions we had to introduce ourselves to the rest of the people in the room. urrrgh another public speaking. sheeesh. By the way, i met grace-sensei and michael-sensei. They were really nice and friendly. Then i met most of my classmate of class 2-3. All of them are really friendly too. They even offered me a candy which was yummy! Oishii :P.

From left : Saya, Mayi, Kumichou, and Rihou
Then me and Syogo went home by train. To tell you the truth i actually had high hopes of the Japanese railway system but when i went there for the first time it was just normal, Perhaps similar to the Malaysian LRT. Surprisingly i met Aisyah at the station and we exchange stories. But it was still a new experience. ("_") For dinner we had steamboat, or whatever it is caleed but it was still tasty. mmmmmm.

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